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Jordan is an Arabian kingdom in the Middle East lying at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa. It occupies the region on the east bank of the Jordan River and it shares borders with Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Israel and Palestine. With an exception of 30 km long coast, it is almost an inland country.

To the east of Jordan, sprinkled oases are spread out and artificially irrigated. The west of the country is a mountainous area with arable lands. The region gradually descends into the Jordan valley and the lowest point of earth Dead Sea, with an altitude of -432 meters. The highest peak in Jordan is ‘Jabal Umm ad Dami’ in Wadi Rum, 1854 meters above sea level.

Jordan’s main tourist attractions include historic sites, original medieval mosques and churches, reserved natural areas and preserved cultural and religious traditions.


Basic information

Time zone: UTC +2
Population: 9.5 million
Capital: Amman
Language: Arabic
Currency: Jordanian Dinar (JOD), $ 1 = 0.71 JOD


Prices in Jordan

Prices of some goods:

Bread = $0.35

Water (1.5 l) = $0.50
1 L milk = $1.40
Kg of cheese = $6,40

Portion of food in fast food = $6,50

Portion of food in a cheap restaurant = $7

Serving in a middle class restaurant = $18
Cappuccino = $4
Bottle of wine = $14,50


Vaccinations and diseases in Jordan

No special vaccinations or medical conditions are required when entering Jordan. Local health departments are at a good level. Private clinics reach the standard of European healthcare facilities. Treatment requires a prepayment. Tourist travel insurance is recommended for tourists.


Security in Jordan

Jordan is one of the most stable countries in the region. It is considered one of the safest Arab countries in the Middle East. Strict security measures take place in the country, and hotels are also implementing measures to protect guests.

It is advised to generally look after your belongings and to avoid big crowds, especially in peak hours. It is not advisable to travel to refugee camps, and a local guide is recommended when traveling to the countryside.


Documents to Jordan

Traveling to Jordan requires a passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into the country. A one-time admission visa is also required, which can be obtained at border crossings for a fee of 40 JOD (approx. $57).


Important numbers in Jordan

Emergency line: 911
Telephone prefix to Jordan: +962


The weather

The climate of Jordan is in a typical Mediterranean style. Warm and sunny days in summer that reach an average daily temperatures around 30° C. In winter, the temperature drops to 13° C on average, with frequent clouds. In the winter it is possible to occasionally snow, especially in higher positions. Desert areas reach high daily temperatures with low humidity and cold nights. The best time for a holiday in Jordan is spring, in March – May temperatures are generally pleasant and sunny weather prevails.


Interesting places in Jordan

Jordan’s main tourist destinations are mainly concentrated around ancient sites. The most famous is the city of Petra, which is completely carved into sandstone rocks in the southern part of the countryside. The city is two thousand years old and leaves unforgettable and magical impressions.

Other important historical sites include the well-preserved Roman city of Jerash with colonnaded streets and Roman amphitheatres. The city of Umm Qais lies on the site of a ruined Roman city and offers breath-taking views of the Galilee Sea. The city of Madaba is known with the oldest known mosaic map in the Middle East, which is located on the floor of a church in the form of a Byzantine mosaic. The impressive Karak and Shobak castles have been set up by the Crusaders in the southern part of the countryside, these castles were built for protection from any attack that might come from the south of Jordan.

The most sought-after seaside location is the Dead Sea, which is full with many resorts, water parks, public beaches and many international restaurants.


Excursions in Jordan

Many trips in Jordan are closely linked to the sightseeing of modern and historic sites. The capital city of Amman is known for shopping markets and a number of ruins. The city’s tour includes ruins, and also preserved Byzantine churches and Roman temples.
A trip to Wadi Rum is a trip to a desert mountain landscape with many historical sites and a range of specific sports. Some of the activities in Wadi Rum are jeep tours, camel riding, hiking, Bedouin camp and Bedouin dinner.


What to know before traveling

Jordan is an Islamic country, so it is recommended to respect local traditions and customs. Although Christian faith is being respected in the country.

Tourists are advised to have polite dressing, especially when visiting religiously significant areas and monuments.

Throughout the countryside, the availability of ATMs is limited, they are conveniently located throughout Amman and the airport.

Tourists are not recommended to use public transport. Better solution is a taxi or car rental.

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