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Whether you are into canyoning or climbing, snorkeling or camel racing, trekking or skydiving, Jordan has a bit of everything for the adventure seeker. Adventure in Jordan also include hiking, 4x4, hot air balloons, sand skiing and quad bikes.

We take you the some of our favorite places, introduce you to local people in their homes to eat with them and hear their stories, and show you why we love this amazing country.


Rock climbing in Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is a vast desert in southern Jordan, near the ancient Nabatean capital of Petra. It is full of massive Granite and Sandstone rock formations, with a near-limitless number of climbing routes, many yet to be discovered. Access generally involves riding deep into the desert on camel, 4x4s are also available, and “Bedouin Camping” is out in the desert.

This valley down south is a climber’s paradise, making it one of our favorite places for adventure activities in Jordan. Ascents on the sandstone rocks reach up to 1800m above sea level. Top-ropers, trad-climbers, boulders will find the vertical terrain a great space to practice and refine their technique.


Wadi Rum hot air balloons

You can also take a bird’s eye view of the beautiful scenery of the majestic mountains in Wadi Rum by climbing into a hot air balloon. You can order it for yourself or a surprise gift for a loved one, a hot air balloon ride is a unique experience. Balloon flights typically take place during the early morning hours and last for around one hour, but guests should allow 2 to 3 hours for the whole experience.

Your balloon ride experience starts when our cheerful balloon crew greets you just before sunrise in Wadi Rum. From there we check the prevailing wind conditions and choose the best launch site for the day. As hot air balloons direction and speed is determined solely by the wind direction and speed, every day is different!


Camel rides in the Jordanian desert

If you are in any doubt about whether to take the plunge and have a camel ride, then rest assured that it is a wonderful experience. There is nothing to compare with the gentle, hypnotic swaying and soft shuffle of riding camel-back in the open desert. Wadi Rum is the best place in Jordan to try it out, with short and long routes branching out from Rum and Disi all over the southern desert. Take as long as you like, but anything less than a couple of hours riding isn’t really worth it.


Hiking in Wadi Mujib

When you think of Jordan, you probably think of special places of ancient history, like Petra. But did you know that Jordan is also a great destination for the active traveller? You can explore the country on foot and go beautiful trips by mountain bike. With its 90,000 km2, the country is not very big, and it has beautiful landscapes with a lot of biodiversity.

There are several hiking trails in Wadi Mujib, of which the Siq Trail is the shortest and most popular. Especially in the summer months, this is an ideal way to cool off. The water is refreshing and most of the hike you walk in the shade. Whoever loves canyoning, adventure and nature shouldn’t skip Wadi Mujib in Jordan!

The glorious Mujib Nature Reserve covers many kilometres of mountains and canyons beside the Dead Sea, including the lower part of Wadi Mujib, Jordan’s Grand Canyon, which drops from Jordan’s mountain spine to the Dead Sea, making it the world’s lowest nature reserve.

The Mujib Siq is a thrilling (but very wet) ‘walk. The full Monty is a serious canyon and takes you downstream, abseiling over the 20m waterfall, but most people slosh their way upstream from the canyon entrance by the Dead Sea Highway to the falls, a round trip of around 2 km or an hour. This involves some easy wet scrambling and you should expect to be soaked but ecstatic. The falls themselves are spectacular, but it is the fantastically narrow, sheer water-scoured sandstone walls which are the heroes of the occasion. If going upstream, this is unlikely to be practical before May.


Quad Ride Over the Dunes

Nothing gives you a sense of the desert like quad biking in the southern city of Aqaba. Experience the quad ride of a lifetime! Drive a quad bike through the ever changing dunes. Weave through the trackless desert and tackle the highs and lows of the sand.

Stop for a breather and soft refreshments before you set off again. This adventure safari is suited for the discerning outdoor adventure enthusiast and nature lover.

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