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Great, tasty, and also healthy oriental cuisine. Jordanian kitchen is typical Middle Eastern and full of starters, slowly cooked meat and lots of spices. If Jordan is on your bucket list your taste buds are in for a treat. Jordanian food involves delicious and varied dishes paired with Jordanian hospitality, making for a once in a lifetime experience.


Hospitality, friendliness, and generosity to strangers is an expression of holy duties.

For Jordanian families, especially if they live alone, it is normal to invite strangers to their homes. This tradition was a result of rough living in the desert without food, water and shelter, most of the travelers would die in the desert. Everywhere you go to Jordan you will hear the phrase “Ahlen” means “Welcom” and you will often be invited to a cup of mint tea.

Jordanian oriental cuisine is a typical Middle Eastern cuisine that includes everything local farming offers; fresh vegetables, healthy virgin olive oil, sweet fruits, herbs and spices. The Jordanians like meat, and their recipes for preparing lamb really excels.

In addition to lamb Jordanians use chicken, beef ,and last but not least, fish is also common.


What kind of food can you meet when visiting Jordan?

The Bedouin and national specialties are Mansaf, whole lambs, including the lamb head with rice, special yogurt sauce and pine nuts. If you would go to a Jordanian family, this meal would be served to you on a large plate that everyone shares.

Joined eating of families and loved ones is also very typical for the Jordanian culture. Similar to Mansaf is a meal that is called Maqloube and consists of rice and delicious pieces of lamb or chicken. Unlike Mansaf, grilled vegetables are also part of it and served with spices and fresh yogurt.

It is true that Arab nations love meat, but that does not mean that a vegetarian-traveler will stay hungry in Jordan! Jordan cuisine offers so-called Mezze, where vegetables and beans are often used!

When dining, the Jordanians generally order “Mezze”, a few starters, followed by a common main meal. The Arabian bread “Khobez” takes it mostly to every meal. Other typical dishes are “Falafel”, “Hummus” chick peas, “Shawarma”, roasted lamb slices, and “Fuul”, a mixture of beans, garlic and lemon.


Cook your own Jordanian food and win the recipe!

Jordan enriches the visitor experience by offering nightly cooking classes and dinners, sharing authentic local cuisine in a casual, family atmosphere. Visitors work alongside local chefs to prepare dishes found on a typical family’s menu using fresh ingredients.

By sharing recipes and flavors we are presenting our history and culture to you and we encourage our guests to return home to share the tastes of Jordan with friends and family. Guests who join for a multi-night cuisine course will share in food sourcing at the local markets and preparation with the chef to learn how dishes are assembled, from the earth to the plate.

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