Day Trips in Jordan

Day trips in Jordan has so much to offer. The genuine life of Bedouin nights, the magical treasury tombs that all of us have etched into our minds since the Last Crusade. Wadi Rum, that is directly known as Mars on Earth. And of course, the Dead sea with the lowest altitude body of water in the world, and a perfect place to float as you watch the gazillion stars appear in what seems to be the hugest sky you have ever seen.

Such a magical experience that quite literally arouses all of your senses. The flickering light reflecting the Milky Way above, the intensity of being present at one of the 7 wonders of the world with the beautiful pink rocks. Learning about the Dead Sea and absorbing yourself completely in the magic of Petra… We can’t tell you how wonderful that is. You will simply have to experience it for yourself.


What We Offer for your Day Trips

Bavaria Tours offer day trips for people who are on a short visit and would like to go out and see more. Our excursion services can include assistance, transportation, translation, guidance and much more.


Day Trips from Amman

1- Amman Full Day Trip

(Amman Full Day City Tour+ PM shopping)

2- The Historical Trip in Amman and Jerash

(Amman City Tour – Jerash – Amman)

3- The Mosaic Trip to Madaba, Mount Nebo and Dead Sea

(Amman Madaba – Nebo – Dead Sea – Amman)

4- The Mosaic Trip to Madaba, Mount Nebo and Bethany

(Amman – Madaba – Nebo – Bethany – Amman)

5- A Day of Relax at the Dead Sea

(Amman – Dead sea – Amman)

6- Petra Day Trip

(Amman – Petra Visit – Amman)

7- The Historical Trip to Desert Castles

(Amman – Desert Castles – Amman City Tour)


Day Trips from Dead Sea

1- Petra Day Trip

(Dead Sea – Petra Visit – Dead Sea)

2- The Mosaic Trip to Madaba, Mount Nebo and Dead Sea

(Dead sea – Nebo – Madaba – Dead Sea)

3- The Mosaic Trip to Madaba, Mount Nebo and Amman

(Dead Sea – Nebo – Madaba – Amman City tour – Dead Sea)

4- The Historical Trip in Amman and Jerash

(Dead Sea – Jerash -Amman City – Dead Sea)


Day Trips from Aqaba

1- Petra Day Trip

(Aqaba – Petra Visit – Aqaba)

2- Wadi Rum the Adventurous Trip

(Aqaba – Wadi Rum Jeep Tour – Aqaba)

3- A Day of Relax at the Dead Sea

(Aqaba – Dead Sea – Aqaba)

4- The Mosaic Trip to Madaba, Mount Nebo and Dead Sea

(Aqaba – Dead sea – Nebo – Madaba – Aqaba)


Our Day Trip Attractions



Petra is one of the most popular places to visit on the planet. Take a look at almost any traveler’s bucket list and Petra will be on it, because it really is amazing, and guess what, there is so much more to Petra than the Treasury, the iconic facade featured in every travel book and brochure about Petra.

Our trip will start at the visitors center and then we follow the trail into the Siq, the legendary canyon where tourists get their first views of the Treasury. We will continue the walk past the Treasury, visiting the Royal Tombs and Roman ruins. Those with enough time and enough energy can continue onto the Monastery, another monument that rivals the Treasury in its splendor. There are numerous other side trips and interesting things to see in Petra, as well as rides on camels and donkeys if you so desire.

Dead Sea

Enjoy a deeply relaxing day in the beautiful location of the Dead Sea. Bath in mineral rich mud, float on the rich and therapeutic salty water, or just soak up the sun and appreciate the views of this unique landscape around you.

At one of the resorts of Dead Sea we can also reserve extra therapeutic treatments and massages in advance to take your relaxation to even deeper levels. Finally, a comfortable air conditioned vehicle transports you all the way back to your hotel door.


In Amman you can visit the Citadel, with the outstanding features of the Roman Temple of Hercules and the Umayyad palace. You can also visit Amman’s Roman Theater that goes back to the 2nd century, seats about 6,000 people and built into the hillside. After that you can have your afternoon time to enjoy Amman’s market and downtown, where you go to shop for fabrics, accessories, you will find antiques among electric equipment and vintage furniture, gold and silver, you will find all sorts of vegetables, fruits, meats, herbs, spices, and breads.

Wadi Rum

There are a few different ways to make your way through the dunes and valleys of Wadi Rum. Whether you prefer a Jeep, camel, or your feet, you will need a guide to show you around. Booking an organized tour is your best bet to ensure ease and reliability.

Jeep tours are the most efficient way to see it all, and range from two hours to a full day of sightseeing. You can also book a guided camel ride from us. While you won’t cover as much ground as you would in a vehicle, it’s a fun and memorable activity that is unique to the region.

Hiking is also an incredibly popular option for getting around in Wadi Rum. From gentle walks to more advanced scrambles and multi-day treks, exploring by foot affords intrepid travelers a more intimate and adventurous experience.

Jerash and Ajloun Castle

Enjoy a half day excursion to visit the most preserved Roman city Jerash and the castel of Ajloun, which are both located in the north of Jordan.

Your guide and driver will meet you at the hotel or at a prearranged meeting point in Amman. You will then be driven for 40 minutes to visit the ancient city of Jerash. There you will spend approximately 2-3 hours visiting the sights. After spending some time in Jerash, you will be taken to visit the Islamic castle of Ajloun that is approximately 1 hour away. Once at the castle you will spend 1-2 hours looking around before being driven back to Amman.

Madaba and Mount Nebo

Madaba, is the center of mosaic art in Jordan, featuring the oldest known map of the Middle East, in the Greek Orthodox Church. In this trip we will take you to the school of mosaic and show you how the real art was done hundreds of years ago.

Your second destination in this trip will be, Mount Nebo, where Moses was allowed to see the Promised Land, and the place where he died and was buried. The Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land purchased the site and began to excavate and restore the church and monastery-work that has continued intermittently to this day.

Baptism Site of Bethany

Situated on the eastern bank of the River Jordan, 9 KM north of the Dead Sea, the archaeological site consists of two distinct areas: Tell Al-Kharrar, also known as Jabal Mar-Elias (Elijah’s Hill) and the area of the churches of Saint John the Baptist near the river. Situated in a pristine natural environment the site is believed to be the location where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist.

It features Roman and Byzantine remains including churches and chapels, a monastery, caves that have been used by hermits and pools in which baptisms were celebrated, testifying to the religious character of the place. The site is a Christians place of pilgrimage.

Desert Castles of Jordan

The Umayyad desert castles, of which the desert castles of Jordan represent a prominent part, are fortified palaces or castles in what was the then Umayyad province of Bilad Ash-Sham. Most Umayyad “desert castles” are scattered over the semi-arid regions of north-eastern Jordan, with several more in Syria, Israel and the West Bank (Palestine).

The Umayyads erected a number of characteristic palaces, known in Arabic as Qasr, some in the cities, but mostly in the semi-arid regions, and some along important trading routes. The castles were built roughly between 660 and 750, under the caliphs of the Umayyad dynasty who had made Damascus their new capital in 661. After 750 the capital moved to the newly-built Baghdad, and some of the buildings were never completed.

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