Spa treatment and relaxation

Your time at Dead Sea will be a unique relaxing experience. The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth and where clean air with oxygen content is 8 percent more than normal. The seawater is 10 times saltier than any other sea, it will take you up, heal and maybe burn you a bit. It leaves a soft oily film on your skin and a pleasant feeling that you have done something good for yourself.


Unique healing properties of the Dead Sea mud bath

Dead Sea mud supports blood circulation, activates metabolism and increases micro-circulation in tissues. The bath is not suitable for hypersensitive skin because it stings. It is applied warm and hot and causes thorough warming and relaxation of the muscles, cleansing of the skin and supply of minerals (magnesium, potassium, calcium, bromine, zinc and sodium) to the whole body through blood capillaries.


Hot Spring of Hamamat Ma’in

Relaxation in the hotel includes western and eastern therapies for complete relaxation. Hot springs are especially suitable for relaxing in Hamamat Ma’in waterfalls near Madaba, where the water is at a temperature of 40-60 ° C. Romantic nights are accompanied by the voice and landscape of the waterfalls flowing from the top of the mountain. You can use traditional hot spas and luxury hotels for a wellness or relaxing stay.


The Red Sea beach in Aqaba

The coastal city of Aqaba communicates to the visitor both striking beauty and grace. Touching the Red Sea are a series of peaceful mountains and a riveting desert reflecting onto the clear blue waters. Stretching along the northern beach, the Gulf of Aqaba measures a length of 180 KM and expands to a width of 25 KM with 27 KM of the shoreline belonging to Jordan. The rest of the shoreline is shared with Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. A boat ride to the centre of the Gulf provides a visitor with an outstanding simultaneous view of all four shorelines at once.

The beautiful sandy beach and the sun, where clean blue water is found on the shores of the Red Sea. A key place to relax after a tour in Jordan is the city of Aqaba.

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